Paint.In Pictures!

Paint.IN Social Meet & Greet (July event)

"Community" by Seexeng Lee and family

Check out photos from the Pain.IN event hosted July by Artify – Bringing the Arts to Hamline Station. Artify hosted a casual social meet and greet to meet our neighbors and friends. The neighborhood and artists of all levels were invited to create art and “paint in(door).” Murals were painted on walls of the showroom building of the former dealership lot.

Up next, lookout for a call to artists who live/work and play in the area to lead an art project on 1333 University Ave as soon as this fall!

LIKE US! And view photos of the July Paint.IN event. You can also see the art at 1333 University Ave W (Hamline & University)!

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Here are a few suggestions: ‪#‎Artify‬ ‪#‎Artifynow‬ ‪#‎Artifyhamlinestation‬ #stpaul 


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